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The cruise to the Chalkidiki peninsula with the island of Thasos in the north Aegean is an enchanting place made of deserted beaches in crystal clear waters, sheltered anchorages, gentle winds, away from the usual and now crowded routes. There will be a day of long sailing to reach Thasos and discover this fascinating island, beautiful and unknown to tourism. The real Greek atmosphere awaits you!

Day 1:

Welcome on board Penne Bianche! Boarding will be at Porto Carras in the Chalkidiki peninsula where your amazing sailing holiday starts. A cocktail will be offered and you will get to know your crew that will show you the boat. Provisions will be already stored on board so you will be able to enjoy total relax. You can rent the boat for exclusive use if you like more privacy and itinerary freedom or per cabin and share the sailing holiday with other travellers. The luggage will be placed in the cabin before to start your sailing cruise in the North Aegean Sea. The Chalkidiki Peninsula stretches south with three fingers: it is an enchanting place, far from the most well-known routes. After a short navigation we reach the protected bay of Koufò. Wonderful anchorage in a quiet bay.

Day 2-3:

The three fingers starting from the westernmost one are: Cassandra, Sinthonia and Mount Athos. After breakfast we sail towards the Gulf of Singitikos (about 20 mi), the gulf between the Sinthonia peninsula (the middle finger) and the peninsula further east Mount Athos. We will spend two days visiting this area between the Diaphoros and Ammouliani islets with swimming time in deserted beaches and visiting small villages. A good aperitif cannot be missed on board Penne Bianche where cooking is one of the most intriguing aspects of this dream cruise.

Day 4:

We sail very early to reach Thasos, reaching first the southern tip of the peninsula of Mount Athos. Penne Bianche is a “Owner’s boat”, it means care, efficiency and impeccable cleanliness. This peninsula is a curious autonomous independent republic of the Greek state for the exclusive use of the Orthodox church, inhabited only by male persons. Access is strictly forbidden to women, only men can ask for a special permit to visit it. A world closed in on itself without streets or shops, hotels. About twenty monasteries are inhabited and live their prayer rhythms unchanged for centuries. We then continue towards Thasos (45 miles) with a nice sailing. We arrive on the south side of the island in Limena, the capital. Thasos attracts you immediately for its conformation and strong and unique character. It is a large green island with tall pine trees with a white and straight trunk. These very good trees are used to build boats. Thasos boasts a high mountain in the center and all around there are white sandy beaches and pine trees often hanging over the sea. For lunch you can taste Brunella’s pizzas!

Day 5-6:

We spend two days discovering Thasos. Here you will find all kinds of beauty. The villages are quiet and picturesque but the beaches are truly incredible with very white sand entering the deep blue sea. The western part of the island is flat and overlooks on the famous Mount Athos while the eastern part is steep and winding, dotted with olive trees. The island of Thasos has been known since ancient times for its pure white marble and its luminous iridescence and also for its honey production. It is the ideal place for those who are looking for a peaceful and naturally beautiful environment. Thasos is in fact known as the “Emerald of the Aegean”, rich in olive trees. It produces spicy olives and olive oil and it is famous for fresh fish and seafood. Thasos is also full of ruins, old temples, churches and sanctuaries and this makes it not only one of the most beautiful but also the most important Greek destination to visit. Dinner is prepared by your skipper with fish specialties.

Day 7:

Sailing towards Kavala (about 15 miles), to embark/disembark guests if required otherwise we will continue with the following itinerary: the island of Samothrace and Limnos. This itinerary is proposed two weeks long to offer the best sailing holiday in the North Aegean.


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