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Choose the sailing cruise to the Sporades by Penne Bianche, beautiful places and still not stormed by tourism, Penne Bianche will show you the best of these enchanted places!

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The Sporades islands are beautiful, enchanting: 4 major islands and an handful of smaller islets, the magic is colored with emerald. The characteristic of the islands is that they are all very green, covered with forests, orchards, vines and surrounded by waters that fade from green to blue, all close to each other. A cruise suitable for everyone with short day sailing and at the beginning of the season in their heyday.

Day 1:

Welcome on board Penne Bianche! Boarding will be in Skiatos where your amazing sailing holiday starts. A cocktail will be offered and you will get to know your crew that will show you the boat. Provisions will be already stored on board so you will be able to enjoy total relax. The luggage will be placed in the cabin before you start the sailing cruise in the Sporades Islands. After a short sailing we reach a beautiful bay for a peaceful anchorage.


Day 2:

After breakfast we set sail for Skopelos. The translation of its name is “rock” but unlike the famous Cyclades islands, Skopelos, like its sisters in the group, is very green. Common note of many other islands is the multitude of churches and monasteries even without being a particularly religious island. Both land and sea view for the look. The turquoise bays, deep as fjords, are covered with olive and cypress trees, pines and fruit trees. There are many sandy coves or gravel coves next to fragrant fir trees that go down to the sea. We choose one cove for anchoring and we dedicate the day for swimming and relaxing. Penne Bianche: where cooking is one of the most intriguing aspects of this dream cruise.

Day 3:

Penne Bianche is a “Owner’s boat”, it means care, efficiency and impeccable cleanliness. We dedicate the day to discover Skopelos and its really picturesque marina where we will moor for the night. The Chora is a cluster of white houses around the small port beautify with red tiled or slate roofs as tradition dictates. To reach the center of the village you walk through winding streets with cobblestones. In the alleys you will discover dozens of chapels and old style Macedonian houses with wooden balconies and brick or slate roofs.

Day 4:

The skipper organizes the itineraries according to weather conditions and the well-being of her guests, proposing the most interesting destinations. We set sail after breakfast towards Alonissos which is located a little further north. It is the most peaceful and wild, the greenest of the archipelago. Since 1992 the waters that surround Alonissos are a marine park. Together with the numerous islets, partly uninhabited, the park is a reserve for the protection and care of the last Mediterranean seals, perhaps 300 specimens throughout Greece. Archaeological treasures are hidden in the seabed. Its coasts create an alternation of coves and tiny coves, little beaches almost all with white pebbles. The sea water is made incredibly transparent precisely by these white pebbles. The Chora was destroyed by the earthquake but in recent years it has come back to life, with its stone alleys, flowered courtyards and balconies painted in bright colors, the kastro, the oldest part incorporating the remains of the Venetian fortress.

Day 5:

There are many islets nearby that we visit and then we anchor in Kyra Panaghia. This little island just north of Alonissos is a real natural port. A narrow passage leads us inside a large, very protected bay, an idyllic and wild place. For lunch you can taste Brunella’s pizzas!!

Day 6:

Today we move north to the Chalkidiki peninsula, (about 30 miles), the last stop on our cruise to the Sporades. If the weather is good we can stop in Psatura, the northernmost islet of the group. The ghost island is only about thirty meters above the water, a volcanic rock platform covered with thorny bushes. A lighthouse located in the north side of the island is one of the most important in the Aegean with a range of 17 miles. Only in good weather and calm winds it is possible to anchor in this offshoot of the Alonissos marine park. When there is strong wind the island almost disappears in a mist of spray and wind. The safest anchorage is located south in Planidi bay. The bay has turquoise waters and sandy bottom, a spectacular stop!!

Day 7:

Late in the morning we end our cruise to the Sporades islands. The 2020 cruise program continues towards the North East Aegean islands, other very interesting places to discover on board Penne Bianche.

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