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The sailing cruise to Andros and Tinos, the northernmost islands of the Cyclades, is proposed at the beginning and at the end of the season for the weather conditions, when the wind is not so strong and the temperatures are mild. These two islands offer unexpected emotions and glimpses of rare beauty.
Andros, very green to be part of the Cyclades, offers some truly enchanting sandy beaches, ancient and pretty villages, lush nature thanks to its waterways and a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
Tinos, on the other hand, is the sacred island, a destination for pilgrims but not only. The many villages, the 750 churches and the fantastic nature make this island one of the most interesting destinations in Greece.

Day 1
Welcome on board Penne Bianche! Boarding will be at the port of Syros or alternatively in Paros where your amazing sailing holiday starts. You can rent the boat for exclusive use if you like more privacy and itinerary freedom or per cabin and share the sailing holiday with other travellers. A welcome cocktail will be offered while you meet the crew that will show you the boat and settle in your cabin. Provisions will be already stored on board so you will be immediately able to enjoy total relax.
Short sailing north to Tinos island to anchor in one of its lovely bays. Tinos is a very beautiful island with green and mountainous landscape, small chapels and dovecotes scattered throughout. There are many villages and it is really worth exploring the surroundings by car. People traditionally live on agriculture, livestock and green marble, a pillar of the local economy since ancient times..

Day 2
After breakfast we sail north along the west coast of Andros. A very green island to be one of the Cyclades, Andros offers some truly enchanting sandy beaches, pretty old villages and a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. It is the second largest island of the Cyclades and the most northerly: it boasts high mountains and deep fertile valleys where vines and olive trees grow. Bays are beautiful: currents and constant winds ensure very clean water. We anchor in Batsi, probably the most vital and popular center of the island, although far quieter than other Cycladic tourist centers. The formula of the yacht charter with crew, skipper and hostess, offers a great service to its pampered guests so they can fully enjoy the sailing holiday without thinking of anything else and so completely relax.

Day 3
In good weather we sail around the north side of the island to anchor on the east side in a sheltered bay, Ormos Vitali. Guaranteed fun for sailing enthusiasts. Penne Bianche, fully equipped to sail in complete safety and autonomy among the islands of the Aegean Sea gives you a day of great emotions. Sun, wind and fishing !! Andros is a perfect island for walkers, many paths wind through enchanting nature, ideal for trekking. The crew will be happy to accompany guests on various shore excursions.

Day 4
The sailing (about 10 miles) around the island takes us to the Chora of Andros, the capital of the island. It stretched on a rock tongue in the middle of the sea looking like an elegant and very well maintained city.
The most beautiful buildings in the neoclassical style, the shipowners’ and ship captains’ houses are aligned on the main road. Around the Chora there is a constellation of smaller villages, each with its own identity. All these characteristic places are immersed in the fertile and idyllic landscape of the gardens and the rich cultivable land, which owe their existence to abundant water flowing everywhere.
Finally a wonderful quality of the Chora is the absolute peace and tranquility due to the pedestrian only city center. In low season, (until mid-June and after mid-September), the skipper is still the cook on board and the guests contribute to the onboard duties and this is a chance to understand the philosophy of boat-life, learning about the various aspects of sailing and, maybe one day, being able to sail a boat by themselves.

Day 5
We end sailing the coast of Andros and return on Tinos northeast coast (about 13 miles) where we anchor in the picturesque bay of Panormos. The friendly fishing village welcomes and invites us to explore the surroundings. The many villages, the 750 churches and the fantastic nature make this island one of the most interesting destinations in Greece.
We decide for a walk to visit Pirgos, one of the most beautiful villages, narrow streets and many artisan shops that work the island green marble. Even the cemetery worth a visit. Dinner on board with Mediterranean dishes. The gourmet cuisine is the winning card of this sailing holiday.

Day 6
We keep on sailing (about 20 miles) towards the Chora of Tinos. Religion and tradition, Tinos is a refined island with a crystal clear sea. Important place of pilgrimage for Orthodox faith it welcomes every year thousands of pilgrims. From the port it begins a paved road that leads to the important church of the Virgin Mary. It was built with Paros and Tinos marble and dominates the whole city. The island also has many Catholics. Sail aboard Penne Bianche, where the cuisine is one of the most intriguing aspects of this dream cruise.

Day 7
Penne Bianche is an elegant, fast but very stable boat, able to offer maximum comfort to sailing enthusiasts. She brings us today to Syros (about 10 miles). We anchor at the port of Ermoupoli, the capital of all Cyclades Islands. Built like an amphitheatre with neoclassical buildings, old mansions but also very white houses that go down to the port.
You will find many churches, an archaeological museum and monasteries to visit Here’s the end of this amazing sailing holiday in the Cyclades Islands.
I’ll be waiting for you for the next sailing cruise in the Aegean Sea !!

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