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We continue our beautiful sailing itinerary towards south with fair winds that allow us a pleasant navigation. We’ll discover a small and unknown islet to taste the genuine rhythms of its people and a large island, full of contrasts and natural beauty. Different scenarios for an exciting experience on board Penne Bianche.

Day 1:

Welcome on board Penne Bianche! Boarding will be in Limnos where your amazing sailing holiday starts. You can rent the boat for exclusive use if you like more privacy and itinerary freedom or per cabin and share the sailing holiday with other travellers. You will get to know your crew that will show you the boat. Provisions will be already stored on board so you will be able to enjoy total relax. The luggage will be placed in the cabin before you start the sailing cruise in the North East Aegean Sea. After a short sailing we reach a beautiful bay for a peaceful anchorage.

Day 2:

Penne Bianche is a “Owner’s boat”, it means care, efficiency and impeccable cleanliness. Limnos of volcanic origin is quite mountainous, boasts large inlets and vertical cliffs. It’s the Aegean island with more coast development respect to its surface. We visit the island and its beautiful bays. It has a very fertile land, ponds with flamingos, impressive dunes, deserted beaches bordered by high cliffs. Charming and authentic Limnos is a magical place with superb beaches, an uncontaminated landscape with coarse sand dunes that create spectacular scenery and also waterfalls. The land is fertile and the local people produce wine, honey and cheese, known since ancient times for their qualities. Everything is very clean and refined with the super friendly inhabitants.

Day 3:

We sail (about 20 miles) to Agios Efstratios, a remote rock just south of Limnos, absolutely unknown and without tourism at all. Secluded, solitary, steeped in myths and legends, the island is the destination that many persons dream to visit, especially arriving with a sailboat. Finally we are far from the charter routes, to breathe the true atmosphere of a small Greek island. The hospitable young inhabitants live on fishing and agriculture in an environment that is certainly intact and that does not know the world tourism. Tranquility, eating fish, deserted beaches, goats and crystal clear waters. The people are friendly, seafarers, tied to their traditions and popular culture. On the island we walk, only electric vehicles are allowed and that’s not all: Aghios Efstratios was in fact chosen by the Greek government to become an island with zero CO2 emissions, making use of its energy needs only from sources of renewable energy (sun, wind and biomass). One of the most intriguing aspects of this dream cruise is the cuisine: tagliatelle with prawns on the menu.

Day 4:

Time to leave with a south east route to Lesbos, (about 40 miles) to land in the beautiful Gulf of Sigri on the western tip of the island. The skipper organizes the itineraries according to the weather conditions and the well-being of her guests, proposing the most interesting destinations. Lesbos, the island of women is a land that fascinates slowly. Less known perhaps for its size and because it is far from the classic tourist archipelago of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese Islands. It knew an extraordinary cultural life in ancient times and it can boast to have given some of the greatest poets to the Greek world. In addition to Sappho, it was the home of Alceo who sublimated in lyric the hate for tyranny and the ardent feeling of freedom, of Arionne inventor of the lyric song and Teofilo great naive painter. The barren and mountainous western part of Lesbos has beautiful villages and from Sigri you can reach the famous petrified forest in whose lunar environment you can observe skeletons of trees 20 million years old.


Day 5:

Its strategic position, under the Bosphorus channel and the Dardanelles strait and its proximity to Turkey, have deeply marked the history of Lesbos. To these aspects must be added a prodigious fertility, starting from the 11 million olive trees that cover it as a carpet, to thousands of sheep, to highly fragrant anise plants that for centuries have been feeding a thriving Ouzo industry, to tons of mussels, oysters, scallops and sea truffles that reproduce in the Gulf of Kalloni, the largest of the two large bodies of water that penetrate it along the southern slope. We sail along the south side of the island with mooring in one of its two large gulfs.


Day 6:

Today we sail towards Mitylene, the capital of the island, truly one of the most beautiful town in Greece with a large bay, with the Renaissance domes of the basilica and the square profile of the Genoese castle behind it. It has the charm of a real small capital of an island full of art and poetry. Penne Bianche: where cooking is one of the most intriguing aspects of this dream cruise.

Day 7:

Late in the morning the end of our North Aegean cruise. The 2020 cruise program continues south with the islands of the North East Aegean, another interesting places to discover on board Penne Bianche.

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