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Choose the sailing cruise to the Cyclades aboard Penne Bianche, it will show you the best of these spectacular places!

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We keep on sailing this itinerary with fair winds that lead us to the discovery of another large island less known perhaps for its size or because it is far from the classic touristic archipelago of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese Islands. Nevertheless it offers incredible natural beauty, beautiful beaches, paths for treks that lead to canyons and rivers or to historic ruins. And there is no shortage of smaller islands to visit nearby!

Day 1:

Welcome on board Penne Bianche! Boarding will be in Mytilene, Lesbos where your amazing sailing holiday starts. You can rent the boat for exclusive use if you like more privacy and itinerary freedom or per cabin and share the sailing holiday with other travellers. You will get to know your crew that will show you the boat. Provisions will be already stored on board so you will be able to enjoy total relax. The luggage will be placed in the cabin before to visit this main town of the island. Mytilene is truly one of the most beautiful town in Greece with a large bay, with the Renaissance domes of the basilica and the square profile of the Genoese castle behind it. It has the charm of a real small capital of an island full of art and poetry.

Day 2:

We set sail for your sailing cruise in the north east Aegean to Chios (about 40 miles). Chios, very close to the Turkish coast, is located north of Samos and south of Lesbos. The island is mountainous and rich in pine forests with the majority of the population living in the southeast of the island in the mastic villages where it deals with this production, one of the main products of Chios. The skipper organizes the itineraries according to the weather conditions and the well-being of her guests, proposing the most interesting destinations.

Day 3:

Today we sail only a few miles to the tiny Oinousses archipelago east of Chios. It consists of 8 islets and it takes its name from the largest Inussa. Despite the small surface it boasts several churches and monasteries. Many of them were built as ex-votos and as a gift from ship masters, testifying the great maritime tradition. The island boasts many small beaches for swimming or fishing and the low hills are ideal for healthy walks along the old paths with splendid views of the Aegean Sea. We go for a visit ashore before living an experience of true gourmets with the cuisine on board!

Day 4-5:

We return to sail towards Chios to discover one of the capitals of the eastern Aegean from antiquity until the eighteenth century. The destiny of Chios was marked by Masticha, a resin obtained from the trunk of a variety of Lentisk that grows only here and only in a specific area of ​​the island. The beneficial properties of Masticha have been known since ancient times for its incredible pharmaceutical and therapeutic properties and it’s also used in cosmetics or culinary uses. It has a particular aroma and it’s produced in different shapes and uses. For nature lovers, Chios offers incredible natural beauty, wonderful beaches, hiking trails that lead to canyons and rivers or historic ruins. The island looks like a botanical garden with trees that belong to the high mountains such as cypresses, oaks, natural caves that house various species of birds. There is no shortage of beaches in light sand or black pebbles and rocks overlooking the sea of ​​the wild northern slope. For dinner gourmet cuisine on board with tagliatelle and seafood!

Day 6:

We sail towards Samos, (about 40 miles). It’s the third and last large island of the north east Aegean and we arrive at Vathy. To the west, the 1.400-meter-high Mount Kerkis serves as a bulwark for the hills and valleys. Carpeted with pine and chestnut trees, the interior has a mountain look, wild at high altitude and then gradually cultivated by orchards, especially the low ones that give a sweet Muscat wine already renowned in antiquity. The villages testify the fertility of the island which still live on agriculture. From the slopes you get to the sea crossed by white waves on the north coast beaten by the northerly winds. The bays are made of white pebbles with pines and holm that overlook them. On the east and south coasts, the bays become wider, sandy with transparent water before turning deep blue..

Day 7:

Last miles to reach Pytagorio and late in the morning we end our North East Aegean cruise. The 2020 cruise program continues west, towards the Cyclades islands not before doing a couple of stops in the Dodecanese Islands. We are waiting for you!!

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